House Extensions in Kettering
Turning Garden Buildings and Garage Conversions Into Productive Work Spaces

Although working from home is a privilege, many of us have found ourselves pushed into a less-than-ideal situation. This comes from a lack of usable space, which can seriously hamper the ability to remain focused and do your very best work throughout the day. In turn, busy workers often hold virtual meetings on the kitchen counter or on the bed, which sends the wrong vibe and could make your boss eager to bring you back to the office. Based in Kettering, our building contractors perform house extensions, garage conversions, and craft garden buildings that give customers the means to push their careers forwards.

An experienced house builder should advise on the best way to create an office that lets you focus and impress the higher-ups. Below, we outline just some aspects to consider when building an office of your very own.

Useable Storage Solutions – A workspace is more than just a desk with a laptop. You might need multiple screens, a place to keep papers and notepads or have many files that need storing away. For these reasons, it’s worth planning garden buildings and garage conversions in the Kettering area with furniture placement firmly in mind. This way, you’ll have room for a desk and your essential folders, without any wasted space.

Build a Bright Environment – You may be working in the day now, but remember that you’ll also have to work throughout the winter when the sun sets early. This makes artificial lighting a must for any creative space. For example, you could include a desk lamp, recessed spotlights or have ambient wall lights with a classy touch. As house builders and building contractors with an eye for the finer details, we can help with furniture placement to maximise light and reduce screen glare.

Make a Personalised Area – Garage conversions, garden buildings and house extensions should enhance your lifestyle, and while it’s tempting to keep personal items out of the office, they can make the place far more inviting. Why not put up some framed artwork, pictures of the family or a calendar of your favourite film or TV show? Other homeowners around the Kettering area might add some potted plants or figurines. Alternatively, you could include a mini-fridge for a more comfortable environment.

Consider the Best Option for You – It’s not always clear how to make the perfect office. Do you create an annexe to the rear of the home, should you convert the garage, or would you benefit most from a garden room? As experienced building contractors serving Kettering and beyond, we can advise according to the unique challenges you face. Our house builders appreciate the need for peace and quiet, and manage house extensions, garden buildings and garage conversions on a regular basis. In turn, we understand the numerous benefits of each and how they apply to your home.

Call a One-Stop Developer – Creating a new office shouldn’t be a source of hassle or frustration. Instead, your chosen building contractors should empower you to get creative and feel confident doing it. At N Mayes Bespoke Building, we keep everything in-house and form ambitious spaces that speak to our clients on a personal level. This way, you will have the ideal room for working without disruption and the perfect backdrop for those important online meetings.

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