Garden Buildings
in Northampton, Kettering and the Neighbouring Regions

Do you have a spacious garden that sits empty or underused for much of the year? If so, consider how garden buildings can improve your everyday life. Usually built to the rear of the landscape, these installations feature the modern luxuries you might expect from a traditional extension or conversion project. They can have a style of their very own and fulfil a range of needs without impacting your home in Kettering, Northampton or the surrounding areas. In fact, garden rooms from our building contractors can enhance your lifestyle, granting a dedicated space for relaxation, storage, or even a way to improve your work/life balance.

Homeowners often choose garden buildings or rooms for the following uses:

  • A private office for staying on top of workloads
  • A personal gym or sauna away from prying eyes
  • Playing games with friends and family members
  • Sleeping accommodation, such as a guest bedroom
  • A hobby room or children’s activity space
  • A tranquil place to relax, away from the main home
  • Garden bars for an affordable pub-like experience
  • Social spaces and unique rooms based on client needs

With decades of experience in extensions and new builds alike, we have the skills to create garden buildings that boast style, function and form – meeting all your requirements and style preferences. Please call our expert building contractors for a quotation.

Garden Buildings | An Inspired Space With a Unique Atmosphere

A garden room needs just as much attention to detail as a conventional addition to the home. For this reason, N Mayes Bespoke Building never cuts corners, ensuring quality materials and robust planning for results that you can enjoy all year round.

Reasons to Add a Garden Building

With large windows for natural light, plumbing, electrics, and artificial lights for use after the sun goes down, garden buildings form extra rooms you can visit as often as you like. Give yourself a place to work away from household noise and distractions, with the efficient setting needed to boost your efficiency. Alternatively, make it a hobby station or a sunny environment that opens with bi-folding doors. Our building contractors work closely with each client to ensure garden rooms feature the exact style and functionality they desire.

Garden buildings also provide a place where you can exercise, work or read with a great view of the garden. They always appeal to buyers looking for a new home in Kettering, Northampton or the nearby locations, raising the home’s value at a relatively low cost.

A Full Design-and-Installation Service

At N Mayes Bespoke Building, we understand that a gym will need a different approach to a new office and tailor the build accordingly. For example, if you’d like to use your garden building as a guest bedroom, we will work to guarantee it complies with building regulations. In turn, you can trust that our building contractors will only start the work in earnest once they have a complete understanding of your ambitions.

If you’d like additional space without needing to extend, convert or renovate your property, then a garden building serves as the perfect choice. We carry out all facets of the project using an in-house team, preventing delays and maintaining a consistent quality from start to finish.

Please call either 07702 296540 or 01536 353017 for garden buildings in Kettering, Northampton and the neighbouring regions.


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